Custom-made Orthopaedic Insoles

Plantari su misura

The right steps for your health 

The insole designed on your foot!

Creation of custom-made Orthopaedic Insoles studied to correct all types of diseases, ensuring comfort and correcting anomalies both in posture and gait.

Unlike simple Anatomical Insoles, which especially provide relief to people who spend several hours standing, the Custom-Made Orthopaedic Insole does not merely recreate the natural shape of the foot but has a corrective action on defects, encouraging better distribution of body weight and reducing pressure in the tender spot in order to relieve any pain that might be present.

Orthopaedic Insoles are indicated:

1) for subjects presenting foot diseases

  • bunion
  • flat foot
  • heel pain
  • foot spur
  • plantar fasciitis

2) for spinal diseases

  • cervical pain
  • lumbago
  • pelvic tilt

3) for lower limb diseases

  • hips
  • ankles
  • varus knee deformity
  • valgus knee deformity

4) for people whose occupation requires long hours in a standing position, for those who practice sports or wear accident prevention shoes.

The insole is effective and beneficial both for the foot and for the rest of the body.

A high quality insole is designed to support, absorb shock and correct wrong posture or movements.
It is made of dedicated materials that are chosen to suit individual needs.