Dermatoscopy or dermoscopy is a non-invasive technique designed for the early diagnosis of melanoma based on an optical instrument called dermatoscope, which allows to observe skin neoplasms that are not visible to the naked eye, thus facilitating their recognition.

The optical dermatoscope is a small manual instrument with a lens that can provide 10x and 20x enlargements. Specially lighted with incident light, it is not based on the principle of the magnifying lens but facilitates recognition of any malignant forms.

The dermatoscope analyses the skin lesion with a lighted lens that lights up the skin area with an incident beam of light. Precisely, the light source that strikes the skin is connected to a video camera or to a microscope to analyse the internal structure of the skin condition.

4Prevent’s dermatoscope increases diagnostic sensitivity for melanoma, compared to the mere 20-30% vision achieved by the naked eye, thus allowing an increasingly early diagnosis. Hence, it is useful for all skin neoplasms located between the epidermis (most external layer) and the dermis.

Video dermatoscopy (mapping of nevi) is a dermatological investigation that is recommended to find atypical o irregular nevi (lesions) that deserve careful monitoring in the course of time. It is also used to diagnose diseases of the skin and its adnexa (nails, head and body hair).

This investigation performed at the Pharmacy allows to photograph nevi that present a risk, and to check their changes, if any, in order to make an early diagnosis of melanoma (skin cancer). The examination includes a complete report drawn up by a dermatologist selected by the 4prevent team.