Monopolar radiofrequency

Apparecchio per trattamenti di radiofrequenza

Monopolar radiofrequency is undoubtedly one of the most effective modern technologies. It considers the patient as an intrinsic part of the electric circuit that transmits current and waves; hence, we have an electrode on the handpiece and one (the patient return electrode) on a pad that touches the client’s body.

Radiofrequency is an innovative therapeutic medical treatment that also presents an aesthetic feature based on the principle of heat transfer.

It is a simple and rapid, non-invasive and painless procedure.

The 4PREVENT device is intended for use by doctors and/or physiotherapists (Ministerial Decree no. 741 of 1994) to apply resistive capacitive diathermy treatments in the field of rehabilitation, sports medicine, pain therapy and aesthetic medicine.

General product description

By issuing a radiofrequency, the system allows the user to obtain biostimulation of soft tissues, tendons and bones.

The therapist will provide treatment by means of a bipolar handpiece fitted with a stainless steel electrode that is placed on the patient’s skin.

There are basically two application techniques:

  • massage diathermy, with the therapist moving the electrode on the skin;   
  • focused diathermy (the electrode is kept steady on the skin).

The transfer by capacitive and resistive contact allows to detect three levels of biostimulation and their related thermal effects, precisely low, medium and high, and different biological response.