Prevent Ox

Prevent Ox

PREVENT Ox 60 tablets

Fights damage caused by free radicals

Against oxidative stress and to fight damage caused by both free radicals and by cell ageing with a natural antioxidant action.

Pollution, stress, UV radiation, wrong dietary habits and intensive sports activities can increase the production of free radicals that damage cells, thus altering correct function of the body.

Oxidative stress

Condition caused by excessive production of free radicals on the part of the body, which is unable to dispose of them anymore.

Free radicals are normally formed in the cellular respiration processes, and are a defence tool the immune system uses against pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria. However, when their formation becomes excessive, they can be extremely destructive and attack the basic components of cells, such as lipids, proteins and DNA.

Antioxidants are molecules that can either hinder or prevent the oxidation of:

  • lipids;
  • proteins;
  • nucleic acids (DNA);

caused by free radicals, which damages cellular structures and causes early ageing.

Dosage 1-2 tablets a day