Esame spirometrico
Tracciato spirometrico


Spirometry is an investigation that allows to measure the amount of air a person can inhale and exhale, and the time required to do this. 

Spirometry is the most effective test to evaluate lung function.

4Prevent technology makes use of an effective diagnostic tool (SPIROMETER) that is standardised, painless, easily reproducible and objective. It evaluates the various lung volumes and measures the volume variation of the respiratory system.

The Spirometer is an instrument that measures how effectively and rapidly lungs are emptied and filled.

Spirometry is often used to diagnose and evaluate lung function in people with restrictive or obstructive airway diseases.

How is the examination performed ?

The patient breathes into a mouthpiece that is connected to the spirometer. He is requested to slowly perform forced respiration repeatedly to be sure that the actual values are recorded and not values resulting from wrong manoeuvres.

What is the investigation used for ?

Spirometry is used to ascertain whether respiratory function is damaged.

It is often essential for a correct diagnosis of certain diseases or to evaluate the surgical risk. It is also useful to identify early alterations in respiratory function that suggest the advisability of adopting preventive measures against the onset of a disease.

Indicated for:

  • respiratory difficulty; 
  • chest pain; 
  • production of sputum; 
  • asthma; 
  • chronic bronchitis; 
  • ascertaining fitness to practice sports. 

Spirometry performed at the PHARMACY with report drawn up by the 4Prevent specialist through the telemedicine system is an important screening examination that, when performed at the onset of early respiratory problems or following early suspicion of a bronchopulmonary disease, can provide important data for both the diagnosis and therapeutic approach to be adopted.