Teleconsultation for arterial hypertension

Misurazione pressione sanguigna

 The best care for your hypertension. Ask the pharmacist!

Unfortunately only 35% of people who take drugs has normalised blood pressure levels, not because the treatment lacks efficacy but especially as a result of inadequate communication and cooperation between doctor and patient!

The 4Prevent pharmacy can play a crucial role in this cooperation by proposing a teleconsultation for arterial hypertension or by offering the option of presenting problems related to this disease to a cardiologist with tested experience, simply by submitting appropriate information and by receiving a teleconsultation.  

The teleconsultation is, therefore, a useful tool to obtain answers about causes, symptoms, diagnostics and therapies that only concern arterial hypertension telematically enabling both patient and doctor to share dedicated information. 

The teleconsultation is also a tool the pharmacist can add to the holter blood pressure and electrocardiogram monitoring service to professionally complete the patient’s clinical picture! 

To obtain an opinion, the pharmacist must enclose the patient’s details and the following test reports: 

  • Electrocardiogram performed not more than 1 month before; 
  • Holter blood pressure monitoring performed with the current therapy; 
  • Laboratory tests performed not more than 3 months before. 

After studying all the documents requested, the cardiologist will send his opinion of the personalised consultation by e-mail.