Medico al pc


Telemedicine moves medical information and not people by applying new telematic technologies to the medical sector and by playing a crucial role in the interaction between the patient and the local framework.

Telemedicine integrates, monitors and manages patients with telematic and IT systems designed to ensure prompt access to specialised medical consultations, regardless of the person’s location.

Telemedicine does not envisage local clinics. Indeed, patient and doctor may communicate by means of online reports and teleconsultations.

On Line Reports

A modern device that offers everybody the opportunity to receive a report or a second opinion remotely from specialists who analyse the diagnostic investigations performed either at the pharmacy or directly at the patient’s home.


A teleconsultation provides an indication of diagnosis and/or a therapeutic choice without the patient being physically present.

It is a remote consulting service between doctors who can thus request the advice of one or more colleagues, based on their specific training and competence, and on the medical information obtained when the patient was accepted for treatment.  

Our telemedicine services



Cardiac contractions are accompanied by a change in the electric potential of cardiac muscle cells. These changes are mirrored by the current and electric potential present in the body, which can be recorded on the epidermis.

Holter cardiaco 24 ore

24-Hour Holter ECG monitoring

The Cardiac Holter or complete dynamic electrocardiogram according to Holter is a non-invasive painless examination to record the electric activity of the heart 24 hours a day. Hence it is an electrocardiogram with recordings that can last 24 hours or more, instead of being limited to a few seconds.

Holter pressorio 24 ore

 24-Hour Blood Pressure Holter Monitor

The Blood Pressure Holter Monitor is a small device the patient must carry with him, secured to the belt, to monitor blood pressure for 24 hours.

4Prevent Holter devices can detect variations in blood pressure, both circadian and at night, with the utmost precision, and define an actual blood pressure profile.

Densitometria ossea ultrasonica

Ultrasonic Bone Densitometry

Bone densitometry is a diagnostic technique that allows to evaluate the mineral density of bones, precisely the quantity of minerals contained in our skeleton. It is particularly useful to diagnose and monitor osteoporosis.

Esame posturale (baropodometria)

Computerised Baropodometry

The baropodometric examination is designed to prevent the onset of complications that can have repercussions on body structure by providing information about pressure exchanged between the foot and the ground, stability, distribution of body weight, metatarsal and digital overload, etc.

Plantari su misura

Custom-made Insoles

Our Custom-Made Insole does not merely recreate the natural shape of the foot but has a corrective action on defects, encouraging better distribution of body weight and reducing pressure in the tender spot in order to relieve any pain that might be present.



Spirometry is an investigation that allows to measure the amount of air a person can inhale and exhale, and the time required to do this. Spirometry is the most effective test to evaluate lung function.



Dermatoscopy or dermoscopy is a non-invasive technique designed for the early diagnosis of melanoma based on an optical instrument called dermatoscope, which allows to observe skin neoplasms that are not visible to the naked eye, thus facilitating their recognition.

Teleconsulto ipertensione arteriosa

Teleconsultation for arterial hypertension

Unfortunately only 35% of people who take drugs has normalised blood pressure levels, not because the treatment lacks efficacy but especially as a result of inadequate communication and cooperation between doctor and patient!