Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1. Introduction

This document contains the General Terms of Use of the website www.4prevent.com owned by 4Prevent srl. (hereinafter referred to as “Terms” and “Website”, respectively).
Subjects who wish to browse the above website shall be required to comply with it. 

Access to the Website and, anyhow, any action that entails browsing its Web pages constitutes acceptance of the Terms.
In the event in which the user has no intention to comply with the same, it will suffice to abstain from browsing the pages of the Website.

In addition to the above, whoever accesses the Website implicitly declares that he/she is over 18 years of age and that neither the Website nor the material contained therein will be used for unlawful purposes or, anyhow, for purposes that go against the current legislation.

The Terms can be modified by 4Prevent srl at any moment without forewarning to the users. It remains understood that users shall be obliged to regularly read the Terms before accessing Website contents.

If the pages of the Website offer services or present contents that are subjected to dedicated terms and conditions published on said pages, such terms shall prevail on these Terms.

2. Website content

4Prevent srl will offer, through the pages of the Website, general information about its activities both in Italy and in the World. Though said information is constantly verified and updated, it remains understood that the contents of the same regarding the subject discussed must be considered neither exhaustive nor complete nor, anyhow, correct. Hence, the user who wishes to rely on the information provided on the Website shall independently explore the subject further to ascertain the correctness of said data. In this regard, 4Prevent srl informs that the material contained on the Website shall be deemed “on as is basis”, which means that it might not be adequate and/or suitable for specific purposes and interests pursued by the subject who accesses its pages or it might contain elements that, if used again, might determine violation of third party intellectual property rights.

The Website might contain links to third party websites. Hypertext links are only provided to facilitate browsing without there being any association between the contents of the Website and those of the third party website reached, which shall remain foreign to the action framework of 4Prevent srl. Moreover, 4Prevent srl informs you that it cannot, in any way, affect the structure of third party websites connected to its own nor be certain of the truthfulness, correctness and appropriateness of the materials and/or information contained therein. This is also true in the event of negotiation-based relations between 4Prevent srl and the third party owner of the website associated with the link.

3. Intellectual and industrial property rights

All Website contents are protected and defended by the current legislation on copyright and industrial and/or intellectual property. By way of a non-exhaustive example, the term Website Content designates, among other points:

  • texts
  • photographs
  • videos
  • databases
  • graphs and tables
  • playing audio files
  • cartoons and illustrations
  • any graphic representation and/or text, in a broad sense.

It is, therefore, forbidden to copy and/or reproduce, either entirely or partly, the content of the Website without the explicit authorisation of 4Prevent srl.

Please also note that the Website pages might contain trademarks, dominion names, company names, agencies and logos of third parties partnered by 4Prevent srl in various capacities. They are ensured the same protection as the distinctive logos of 4Prevent srl in compliance with current legislation on the subject.

Finally, 4Prevent srl wishes to inform you that it is absolutely forbidden to use all the distinctive logos and marks owned by 4Prevent srl as metatags, precisely as html language controls that, while not being seen or entailing formatting of a certain control, in any case provide electronic agents or search engines the instructions to increase visibility of a website other than what can be traced to the owner 4Prevent srl.

4. Service Features

4Prevent srl, despite adopting all the most technologically groundbreaking innovative solutions to ensure that the Website is always accessible and devoid of defects, wishes to inform you that the Website might neither be reachable and/or compatible with the IT systems used to access it, nor free of errors, viruses and/or other types of IT malfunction.

Hence, anybody who accesses the Website acknowledges and explicitly accepts that its use must be considered completed “on as available basis”.

5. Instructions for using the Website

In addition to provisions laid down by the above section 3, 4Prevent srl informs users that Website content cannot be, either entirely or partly copied, reproduced, republished, loaded, transcribed, transmitted or distributed in any way or form without having obtained the prior written authorisation of 4Prevent srl, with the exception of printing, downloading and viewing Website contents solely for personal and non-commercial purposes and on condition that the material in question is not modified in any way, and that all information about intellectual and/or industrial rights therein contained are maintained.

6. Material sent to 4Prevent srl

Understood the provisions of art. 11 below, submission to 4Prevent srl, via e-mail or through the Website, of any material will entail the implicit authorisation for it to be freely reproduced, used, disclosed, shown, transformed, used to make copies and distributed to third parties without limitations. Likewise, without prejudice to the moral rights of the author, all texts, ideas, concepts, know-how and/or technical knowledge that might be contained in the material in question may be freely used and exploited economically by 4Prevent srl for any purpose, including, by way of non-exhaustive example, the development, production and marketing of products that use this material or which are connected and related to them. By sending the material to 4Prevent srl, the user declares and guarantees that he is the sole owner or, anyhow, that he has obtained the right to freely use it with subsequent total exclusion of the risk that its use might determine violation of any rights of any third party. Considering the “open” nature of the Internet, 4Prevent srl explicitly recommends users not to use telematic communication channels to transmit any material the user might not deem freely usable by third parties.

7. Applicable Law

The Terms are regulated by Italian law and must, therefore, be interpreted by applying said legislation.

8. Accessing the Website from out of Italy

Anybody who accesses the Website from a country other than Italy shall behave in total compliance with the Terms and laws in force in the latter country, and shall explicitly guarantee that he will not use the Website and the material contained in violation of the above laws.

9. Website changes or integrations

4Prevent srl informs you that it may, at any time and totally independently, at its discretion, replace, add, edit and/or integrate the Website and/or the material contained therein and also the technology used. In this regard, 4Prevent srl explicitly states that said activities might make it impossible, either temporarily or definitely, to access the Website and/or its content.

10. Personal Data Protection

Pursuant to art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, 4Prevent srl (with head office in Via Marinara, 11/L - 48122 Marina di Ravenna, Ravenna), as Data Controller, informs the user that personal data provided by the user and acquired:

following a request for information about services offered by 4Prevent srl

browsing the Website through the so-called system logs will be processed for the following reasons:

1) purposes that are closely and/or necessarily related to complying with the requests made, from time to time, by the user via the Website, e-mail or other communication tool;

2) purposes related to legal obligations, Community regulations, provisions issued by authorities authorised by the law or by surveillance and control bodies;

3) purposes associated with activities performed by 4Prevent srl such as, by way of non-exhaustive example, detecting the degree of customer satisfaction about the quality of services provided and the activities performed; submission of newsletters and of promotional material centred on the services offered by 4Prevent srl; market research; economical and statistical analyses.

Regarding the above purposes, personal data will be processed using manual, IT and telematic tools with rationale that is strictly related to said purposes and, anyhow, to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of data collected. Data processing may be performed on behalf of 4Prevent srls, with the same methods and criteria mentioned above, by third parties who provide data processing services or who perform complementary activities or activities that are necessary to perform services and operations required by the user. Moreover, user data may be communicated to 4Prevent srl employees and to the offices of said enterprise or company, even foreign, if this is required to ensure compliance with user requests.

4Prevent srl informs that providing data is an option for data processing related to corporate activities, while it is necessary for purposes stated in sections 1) and 2) with the consequence that, in the latter cases, a denial on the part of the user will make it impossible for 4Prevent srls to comply with user requests.

Regarding the activities mentioned in section 3) above, 4Prevent srl will request the users, from time to time, with dedicated screens located on the Website, to consent to personal data processing, and to use their e-mail and telephone number.Finally 4Prevent srl informs you that art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 gives users who provide their personal data specific rights. Particularly, the user may obtain, either from the Data Controller or from any manager, confirmation of the existence or not of personal data and communication of the same in an intelligible form. The party concerned may also request to know the origin of the data and the rationale, purpose and processing methods; obtain cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block of data processed in violation of the law, and the update, correction or, in case of interest, integration of data; and object to processing of the same for legal reasons.

For any communication about data processing performed by 4Prevent srl, the party concerned may use the contact forms.

To learn about variations or changes in the privacy procedures of 4Prevent srl, subsequent to the application of regulatory changes, the user is advised to regularly refer to this document.